Three Ways Mighty Planners Help Support Your Mental Health


Mental health is something on the minds of many. As we approach the holiday season, families come together to celebrate and take stock of their lives and the gratitude they have for one another. For families who have lost someone to suicide, or have a loved one dealing with mental illness, the holidays can be especially difficult. Mental illnesses don’t take a break during the holiday season. In fact, for many people the season of giving often gives them more to worry about and more to deal with. The omnipotence of depression, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, bi-polar, and other chronic illnesses make the holiday magic a bit less charming. Supporting good habits, staying accountable, and rewarding oneself are a few ways mental health issues can be kept at bay this season. Here are few ways the Mighty Planner can support you or a loved one this season:

Rate Each Day on a Scale of 1-10

Whether you’re rating your sleep quality or your mental health or both, take time each day to ponder the previous day. Mighty Planners have a grid that allows the user to mark each day of the week on a scale. This gives the user a visual representation of their wellbeing making it easier to track the good and the bad. Yesterday was a four? Reflecting on why can help today become a seven. Wow! Yesterday was a nine?!? What happened and how can you recreate that for tomorrow? At the end of each week, a person can look at their little graph and get a good idea of how their week has been. Learning from the past is the best way to shape the future. Mighty Planners provides that little insight via its weekly graph.

Track Your Habits

Something that really helps with mental health is keeping track of habits. These could be reading once a day, drinking enough water, or keeping tabs on how well you are sticking to your medication. A habit tracking box in Mighty Planners give a person a place to record the five things they want to accomplish each week, and provides a box a day to track progress. The habit tracker has been especially wonderful for folks trying to support their personal wellness and mental health. How many times do you want to go to the gym this week? Need to stay on top of taking your vitamins and prescriptions? Having a place to mark it off as you do it helps you stay accountable and healthy.

Take Note of Mighty Moments

Each day, people go through their lives on auto-pilot. Like water, we usually take the path of least resistance. Occasionally, we muster up the courage out of choice or necessity to “do hard things.” This might be a rigorous hike, a long paper, or a cross country drive. The hard things we do are called Mighty Moments. They are the small moments of rebellion when we push through the difficulty and achieve something. A Mighty Moment doesn’t need to be remarkable to be memorable. For something struggling with depression, just getting out of bed and washing their hair can be that push of inner strength. Someone with anxiety choses to go to a party instead of staying home, someone with a bit of fluff makes it to the gym, another person gets up the courage to talk to their doctor about their bi-polar disorder; these are all Mighty Moments and they deserve to be recorded and celebrated. Mighty Planners provides a box each day to record a Mighty Moment. These empowering moments help us remember to be strong and how wide reaching our capabilities are.

Mighty Planners was created to support mental health and personal wellness. These three features are there to help support users through the difficult and rewarding parts of their lives. Regardless of where we are on our individuals paths, Mighty Planners make a great companion. 

Blake Oakey