Blake Oakey started with an idea; a simple notion that strength can be found in the small moments of life. He knew through years of experience that by using a planner, notebooks, and pens, he was giving himself tactile controls over something. Planning his days out gave him something to do, and put him in power. He took these insights and built a planner around them.

Mighty Planners are built around three ideas: minimalism, mental health, and might. The planner is purposefully minimal in design. This is to create a clean, blank canvas for you to work with so your ideas, not mine, are being displayed. The planner incorporates trackers for you to monitor your feelings, sleep, mental health, water intake, etc. It also has a place to keep tabs on your habits, good and bad. Being aware of your self-care is the first step towards taking care of it. Each planner has places to record "Mighty Moments". These moments can be anything from overcoming a fear, asking for a raise, telling your reflection how sexy it looks, to taking your medicine, wearing a new outfit, or getting a salad for lunch. Any moment that made you feel empowered, strong, or even a little bit rebellious is considered a mighty moment. 

It is our hope that that these planners help you organize, plan, and progress in all areas of your life.